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Important INFO on Water Filtered Vacuum Cleaners

There are 6 or 7 brands of vacuum cleaners on the market that use water to trap dust particles instead of a proper government certified HEPA filter.
We have found these water vacuum cleaners to be inefficient, heavy and bulky.

For years the companies that produced these water filtered vacuum cleaners boasted how they were superior to HEPA vacuum cleaners and all others.

This was until a few independent testing laboratories tested them with a laser particle counter and proven that they leaked a whole lot of dust back into the air!

Now some of these same companies are adding a replaceable HEPA filter into the exhaust side of their water vacuums.
This defeats the entire concept about water being a better filter and the dirty water vapor mixed with air blowing into the HEPA filter may promote mold and bacteria growth in the HEPA filter itself!

Also water vacuum cleaners are often heavy, bulky and it can be a real mess filling them with tap water and then dumping the moldy, smelly, dirty water from the units every time you operate them!

Most of these water vacuum cleaners offer chemical fragrances to add into the water to cover up the moldy odor they release into the air that your breathe while vacuuming.
Many people with allergies or asthma will react to these chemicals!

Also it is another added cost to operating these units on top of the cost of replacing the HEPA filters.

We recommend that you stay away from water filtered vacuum cleaners!

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